Nature themed romantic wedding

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A nature themed wedding can be also a romantic event: it happens because flowers and leaves usually are remember in a fairy-tale way…

Nature themed romantic wedding: bridal gowns

nature themed romantic wedding: vintage bridal gownsLaces and veils: these are the necessary elements for a romantic bridal gowns that will be weared by a very modern princess. There are a lot of romantic brides in the world: they are like little women that always dream the day of the wedding. Women that love, love Nature: so Nature can be the perfect theme for their wedding…

Nature themed romantic wedding: floreal decorations

ivy as wedding floral decorations in churchIn each fable there is a magic place surrounded by ivy: we could use this marvellous plant as wedding decoration for a Nature themed romantic wedding. The ivy is also usually related to Dioniso: this means that we can create into reception – and into church – a mistic and romantic atmosphere. Flowers designers can also create fauna’s reproductions using plants.


Romantic wedding: Nature wedding party

ivy wedding decorationsRomantic nature themed wedding is different from green nature themed wedding: infact a romantic bride will not choose an agritourism as reception, but she will prefer a mountain’s chalet or a reception hall in a forest. For summer wedding, bride and groom can reach the reception hall chosen through a buggy; the wedding reception hall will be rich in flowers and ivy while tableau mariage will inspired by forest’s animals. The reproductions of forest’s animals will be used as placeholder too. Finally, ivy will be also a decoration for the wedding cake.

ivy wedding cake
Ivy wedding cake
ivy wedding cake
Green wedding cake


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