Nature themed green wedding

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As Ginevra Montezemolo chose yellow for her wedding, we think that some bride will prefer green for her country-chic event.

Gloria Saccucci bridal gownsSometimes colour’s choice is related to bridal gown that could present a green flower or other coloured elegant details: in this way a little element can became the most important part of the wedding dress. For a country chic wedding, we suggest the beautiful bridal gowns signed by Gloria Saccucci or the elegant bridal collection Fiorinda Couture form Carlo Pignatelli, because their haute couture creations are always rich of flowers and other natural details.

Whatever will be the reason that will guide a bride to realize a green nature themed wedding, we suggest to give importance to every details.

Nature themed green wedding: floral decorations

Nature themed green wedding give to bride freedom about the species of flowers that she will use in her home, in church or into wedding reception. Fanciful brides can have a green bouquet while women that love to follow traditions will choose a simple wedding bouquet with white roses and gypsophila, put together with green leaves.

Nature themed wedding green bouquet
Nature themed wedding green bouquet
white and green wedding bouquet
White and green wedding bouquet
green wedding bouquet
Green wedding bouquet
bridal bouquet with gypsophila
Bridal bouquet with gypsophila

wedding green riceBrides that will decide for a white and traditional bouquet should give a green touch through the use of beautiful and particular leaves that need to be put into every flower decorations: in this way, infact, wedding guests can understand that Nature – green of Nature – is in the middle of the nuptial event.

Creative brides, then, could use green rice together with traditional white rice: they will put them together inside white and green rice cones. Brides that love childhood things can also consider the ideas to use white and green balloons outside the church.


Nature themed green wedding: invitations

Wedding invitations have to be linked to the theme of Nature: they could be simple – written in a green elegant calligraphy on a white paper – or they could be more inventive. In the last case, bride can ask to an expert designer to realize wedding invitations that show as symbol the flowers choosen for marriage.
Nature themed green wedding invitations
Parchment paper could be a good choice for wedding invitations, rolled in a green ribbon: it is very stylish and the particular thing is that bride can hand delivery. The same green ribbon could be used for wedding ceremony booklet and for reception’s menù.

Nature themed green wedding: creative ideas for party

The reception can provide a tableau de mariage for wedding table: it will be realized using the same green leaves chosen floral decorations: on each leaf there will be a paper with the name of guests handwritten. Each tables will have the name of an evergreen tree: evergreen trees are synonimous of the couple’s prosperity. As placeholder, bride can chose a crystal sphere rich of petals and leaves – symbol of Nature.

Bomboniere a Tema Verde Natura

bombonsai for weddingAs wedding favours, bride and groom will choose a plant: for example a particular bombonsai or a fat plant.


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