Eco-Friendly Wedding

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The eco-friendly brides love green weddings: they will organize a sustainable party, paying attention to eco-save details. A sustainable wedding is a very nature themed wedding!

Eco-friendly wedding: no paper, please!

 cloth wedding invitationsIn a eco-friendly wedding, paper’s invitations will become…. cloth invitations! It is a very sustainable and original idea, a possible alternative to recycled paper.


Wedding floral decorations? No!

For an eco-friendly wedding celebration, we will not use plants or flowers: we will prefer candles, white and green decorations using cloths and bamboo plant. Also the rice’s cones will be realized in iuta. ecofriendly wedding placeholder in stoneWe will pay great attention also during the party. For example: how we can realize a sustainable tableau mariage? Simply using colored stones! On each stone we will write the name of the table and guests. Other stones – heart-shaped – will be used as placeholder.

How bride and groom will reach the wedding recetipnt hall?

Eco-friendly bride and groom will reach the wedding reception hall… by walk! So: the church will be near to bride’s house, the wedding reception hall will be close to the church and so on… all places can be simply reached by walking. And which is the best wedding reception hall? Obviously: an agritourism!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors: plantsThe wedding favors will be eco-friendly: a small iuta’s bag that will contain plant seeds. Inside this small bag, our guest will find a thank-you note with the date of marriage and the name of bride and groom; also, there will be the instruction to take care of plant’s growth. This will be like a sort of hope, a wish that the future can become more sustainable for all people.


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